Flesh and Blood: Tales of Aria Prerelease

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Join us for the Relentless Dragon's first ever Flesh and Blood prerelease!

Tales of Aria is the latest set in the hot new card game Flesh and Blood.

This is a sealed deck tournament--each player will receive 6 packs of Tales of Aria with which to build a 30-card minimum deck. No further Tales of Aria product can be sold on prerelease weekend.

Prize support is in the form of exclusive playmats and Cold Foil promo cards.  The 1st place player and one random player will each receive an exclusive prerelease playmat.  Each player will also randomly receive two of the three available Cold Foil promo cards, Amulet of Lightning, Amulet of Ice, or Amulet of Earth.

Prerelease promos can be used in your sealed deck!

The cost to play is $30 and there is a strict limit of 16 total players for this event.  This is the only Tales of Aria prerelease event that will be occuring during prerelease weekend.

There will be 3 or 4 rounds of Swiss play depending on total # of participants.  Each round will be 30 minutes.

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