Broken Realms: Rokar Gresh: Gresh's Iron Reapers

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Age of Sigmar: Broken Realms: Rokar Gresh: Gresh's Iron Reapers

A colossus of a man clad in scarred iron plate and wielding a cursed  greataxe that blazes with unholy power, Lord Rokar Gresh is the ruler of  the Crimson Brethren, a horde of Idolators that seeks out sites steeped  in the corruption of Chaos. Riding atop his thundering Chaos Chariot  and accompanied by a pair of champion charioteers, Gresh bellows profane  attestations to the majesty of the Dark Gods, all while swinging his  blade and crushing dozens of foes beneath his war machine’s heavy spiked  wheels.

Unleash the unholy zeal of Gresh’s Iron Reapers with this warscroll  battalion in a box! This set allows you to crush your foes under a storm  of steel, hooves, and monstrous fists, providing a triple-punch of  Chaos Chariots (or Gorebeast Chariots) to defeat the foe. Combine this  set with the rules found in Broken Realms: Morathi, and you’ll be able  to use the Gresh’s Iron Reapers warscroll battalion, transforming one of your charioteers into Rokar  Gresh and offering significant bonuses for your army. This set also  saves you money compared to getting three Chaos Chariots or Gorebeast  Chariots separately!

This set contains three Chaos Chariot miniatures. These can  alternatively be built as Gorebeast Chariots. Each miniature can be  armed with a choice of weapons and comes with a variety of optional  accessories.

This set is supplied in 222 plastic components and comes with 3x 32mm round bases and 3x large oval bases.