Warhammer Commemorative Series: Jakkob Bugmanson XI: Brewmaster General

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The duardin. The myth. The legend. In times long past, the name of  Bugman was a byword for quality amongst the people of the  world-that-was, a brewsmith capable of producing the very best beverages  the dwarves had to offer. Now, in the Age of Sigmar, another has risen  to take his mantle – the Kharadron known as Jakkob Bugmansson XI!

This Christmas, you can add Jakkob Bugmansson XI to your collection – a  Kharadron Overlords miniature that celebrates one of Warhammer’s most  beloved and enduring characters. Lovingly  bringing Bugman and his famous brews into the Mortal Realms, this  limited-time model is a superb collector's piece that’ll be a rewarding  one-off to build and paint, or a characterful addition to a larger  Kharadron Overlords force. Hurry, though – this model won’t be around  for long!

This set is supplied in 12 plastic components, including a choice of  helmeted or unhelmeted heads. It comes with a 32mm round base.